Why sanitation should be first priority?

  •  Because it is first step of development
  •  Because it is related to health
  •  Because it is linked to basic right
  •  Because its coverage is very low

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Inter Country Working Group

Concept of ICWG was thought in first SACOSAN in Bangladesh and formulated since second SACOSAN in Pakistan. It was fully established and Terms of References agreed in ICWG meeting held in Sri Lanka after SACOSAN IV. It has been established in the region as the unit to maintain dialogue and trust on the commitment to implement SACOSAN Process.


The ICWG members consist of the country focal points for sanitation in the South Asian Region, representatives of regional sector development partners and civil society. Group meets annually (post-SACOSAN and pre-SACOSAN) to review the SACOSAN process and status of implementation of commitments.  Tasks of ICWG are to promote research and development, exchanges, experiences and expertise, organize SACOSANs and facilitating participation, bring sanitation under national and regional agenda, explore the concept of identifying and recognizing outstanding services to sanitation, and develop links with other SANs and relevant networks


The Fifth ICWG meeting was organized in Nepal from  27-29 November 2012. Meeting commitment of previous declarations, discussed on SACOSAN-V preparations, discussed on Regional Sanitation Framework and passed two indicators in each of four areas: Access, Hygiene, Equity and Finance.

Bhutan is undergoing internal discussion for  hosting next SACOSAN in 2016.

List Member countries, partners and focal persons

SN. Country Name  Focal Person
1  Afganistan (AFG)

 Mr. Ghulam Qader

2  Bangladesh (BAN)

 Mr. Khairul Islam

3  Bhutan (BHU)

 Mr. Ugyen Thinley

4  India (IND)  Ms. Pratima Gupta
5  Maldives (MAL)

 Ms.Shaheeda Adam Ibrahim

6  Nepal (NEP)  Mr. Abadh Kishore Mishra
7  Pakistan(PAK)

 Mr. Jawed Ali Khan

8  Sri Lanka (SLK)

 K. L. L. Premanath

SN Agencies Focal Person
1  Freshwater Action Network in South Asia (FANSA)

 Mr. Ramsetty Murali


 Mr. Hendrik Van Norden

3  Water Aid (South Asia)

 Mr. Rabin Lal Shrestha

4  World Health Organization (WHO)- SA  Ms. Payden
5  WSP-SA  Ms. Rokeya Ahmed

 Ms. Archana Patkar

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