Why sanitation should be first priority?

  •  Because it is first step of development
  •  Because it is related to health
  •  Because it is linked to basic right
  •  Because its coverage is very low

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Side Events:
Side events will be managed by Agencies for presenting an issue, experiences, reports, solutions, demonstrations of the equipments and technology.

  • There will be three side events in parallel in the first day of the conference (22 October 2013)  from 5:00-6:00(one hour)
  • There will be three side events in parallel in the second day of the conference (23 October 2013)  from 5:00-6:00 (two hours)

How to participate?

Delegates can participate in one of the side events in both days by sending email to technical@sacosanv.gov.np and related focal person of the side events.

Event organisers can also invite other participants by informing SACOSAN-V secretariat. However, participants other than the official delegates, will not be able to participate in other sessions of the Conference.


List of Side Events

S.N. Ttitle of the Event Name of the Side Event Organizers Contact Person and Contact Email Date Time
1 “Experiences in Sanitation Marketing: Leveraging Markets-Based Solutions for Sustainable Sanitation Coverage”  iDE Bangladesh and UNICEF ROSA

iDE: F. Conor Riggs  and UNICEF ROSA: Hendrik van Norden
and hvannorden@unicef.org

22 OCT 2013 5-6 PM
2 Sanitation planning for urban areas in South Asia SOPHEN, IWA, Eawag-Sandec Binay Shah, SOPHEN and
Markus Starkl, , IWA
binay.icon@gmail.com and markus.starkl@boku.ac.at
22 OCT 2013 5-6 PM
3 Donor consultation meeting for promoting sanitation in SAARC region Water Aid
Rabin Lal Shrestha,
22 OCT 2013 5-6 PM
4 Reducing inequalities in South Asia post 2015 through sanitation and hygiene for all WHO, WSSCC and SWA Archana Pathkar
23 OCT 2013 4-6 PM
5 (a) Looking beyond ODF to achieve “Healthy Community/Total Sanitation” Practical Action South Asia Regional Office Shirish Singh and/or Binaya Raj Shrestha
shirish.singh@practicalaction.org.np and/or binaya.shrestha@practicalaction.org.np
23 OCT 2013 4-5 PM
5 (b) Impact of hygiene behavior and its monitoring in global and South Asia region  Water Aid Nepal Ashutosh Tiwari,
23 OCT 2013 5-6 PM
6 (a) How can we scale up urban sanitation for achieving the sustainable sanitation goals? SuSanA (Sustainable Sanitation Alliance) with GIZ as lead convener and SEI, UN Habitat, IWA, WTO, PLUSH as co conveners. Rahul Ingle
23 OCT 2013 4-5 PM
6 (b) Is Integrity an issue for better sanitation services? Water Integrity Network (Berlin), Helvetas Swiss Inter-Cooperation-Nepal, Fresh Water Action Network-South Asia

Binayak Das, and Yogesh Pant


23 OCT 2013 5-6 PM