Why sanitation should be first priority?

  •  Because it is first step of development
  •  Because it is related to health
  •  Because it is linked to basic right
  •  Because its coverage is very low

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Honorable Syed Ashraful Islam

Minister for Local Government Rural Development (LGRD) and Cooperatives

Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

SACOSAN-V Focal Person:

Mr Md. Khairul Islam

Deputy Secretary

Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development & Cooperatives

Email:  Khairulislam6464@gmail.com


Second Contact Person:

Mr. Areef Anowar Khan :  Department of Public Health and Engineering

Email:  areefkhan11@yahoo.com

Sesson Leader:

Dr M. Feroze Ahmed, Ex Professor, BUET

E-mail: fahmed@ce.buet.ac.bd


Bangladesh will lead Technical Focus Session " Community Wide Total Sanitation and Sustainability"