Why sanitation should be first priority?

  •  Because it is first step of development
  •  Because it is related to health
  •  Because it is linked to basic right
  •  Because its coverage is very low

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Technical Focus Sessions

One of the objectives of the SACOSAN is to create a platform for sharing experiences and discussing on common issues. Technical Focus Session (TFS) on various thematic aspects of the sanitation has been one of the key components of SACOSANs. This part of the conference has been retained with importance in this conference too.

The following eight topics have been selected and will be led by participating countries. Regional partners will also be involved in the session preparation process.



Session Topics

Lead Country/ Partners Involved

   Session Leader

Contact E-mail


 Sanitation and Health 



Eng. Mohammad Afzal Safi, Deputy Executive Director, Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)



Community Wide Sanitation and Sustainability



Dr M. Feroze Ahmed, Ex Professor, BUET



 School Sanitation



Mr. Tshering Tashi

Dy. Executive Engineer




 Reaching the Unreached



Shri Saraswati Prasad
    Joint Secretary

 Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation




 Sanitation Technology and  Marketing



Mr. Mohamed Musthafa

Director, Environment Protection Agency




 Media Advocacy and Sanitation


(Water Aid)

Er. Ram Chandra Devkota

 Deputy Director General

Department of Water Supply and Sewerage



 Urban Sanitation


(Water Aid)

Dr. Nasir Javed

CEO, the Urban Unit

Planning and Development Department

Government of Punjab

Email: nasir_dsp@yahoo.com


 Knowledge Management  and


 Sri Lanka


Mr. Ananda Jayaweera




Session Management: A leader for each session will be nominated by respective countries. The session leader will prepare the session in coordination with SACOSAN secretariat and prepare a  report after the session is completed. Sessions will be chaired by the senior members of the respective countries and co-chaired by experts. About 2.5 hours will be allocated for a session and conducted in the multi session halls. Four sessions will run at a time.
Sessions will be organized as a workshop, concentrating on key issues in the South Asian region. Three to four papers, based on policy analysis, research, operational research, best practices, case study, idea and views will be presented at each session. 


One paper will be a case study based on practices in the country leading the session. Delegates will be encouraged to discuss their opinions and share their experiences from their own countries and contexts. Conclusions from these discussions will be presented in the plenary.

Are you from the South Asian region and interested in presenting? Submit your technical papers online through the website and contact your country session leader or the SACOSAN Coordinator.

Download guideline and timeline for Technical Focus Session