Why sanitation should be first priority?

  •  Because it is first step of development
  •  Because it is related to health
  •  Because it is linked to basic right
  •  Because its coverage is very low

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Public Opening

The Bhaktapur district, 13 kilometres east of the conference venue, will be the first ODF district in the Kathmandu Valley by October 2013.

The Public Opening for SACOSAN-V will be held at the Bhaktapur Durbar Square, famous for its beautiful architecture. The full day program on 21 October 2013 will include ODF celebrations, a sanitation festival and the public opening of SACOSAN-V.

Conference delegates will be transported from the conference venue( 1:30PM) to Bhaktapur and dropped back(6:30PM) near their hotels in the evening.

The program is being arranged by the Civil Society Organization and convened by Ms Lajana Manandhar.


Do you have any suggestions about how to make the Public Opening ceremony more special and memorable? Email technical@sacosan.gov.np with your ideas!